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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge for an initial meeting?

No. The purpose of an initial meeting is to facilitate a two-way sharing of information to explore whether an ongoing relationship makes sense.

Why are your services better for me than those of a large well known financial institution?

At Loynd Capital Management we work solely for you and you pay us directly under one conflict-free fee structure. When you deal with a large institution the individual you work with must serve not only you, but him or herself and their employer. The pressures of revenue maximization and meeting sales quotas permeate the process.

Do you provide advice pertaining to my outside investments such as my 401k plan at work?

Yes. You are the client, not your portfolio and the goal is to maximize your overall financial security and success.

Do you hold my investments?

LCM does not “take custody” of any investor’s assets at any time. Your assets are held in an account(s) in your name at a custodian, currently Charles Schwab & Company. You can verify and access information about your account(s) at any time and you will receive monthly statements directly from the custodian.

How safe are my investments?

Your investments are exposed to market risk. As a result, they can and will fluctuate in value. However, there is a chain of custody to protect you against fraud. This starts with Charles Schwab & Company, where the assets are held. Mutual Funds are also required to have a custodial relationship. As a result the fund company does not have direct custody of the individual securities held within the fund.

What kind of investments will I own?

Geoff Loynd has spent the last three decades studying the question of what is the best long-term investment approach. As a result, LCM follows a specific strategy that employs broad diversification on both the individual security level and the asset class level. As such, holding individual stocks and bonds is discouraged in favor of owning diversified investment “products” such as asset class funds and exchange traded funds.

How do I get started?

After an initial meeting we will start the “due diligence” process. This encompasses a comprehensive review of your financial circumstance and setting the goals that you want to pursue. Paper work is completed and the two-way sharing of information that started in the initial meeting is expanded upon. Depending on the complexity of your situation, usually this entire process takes three to five meetings of about one to two hours each.

Is it a problem if I don’t live close enough to have these meetings in person?

Most distant clients like to meet at least once in person, but if this is not practical the meetings can be held by phone and we can utilize electronic communication for paperwork.