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Value Added Proposition

Below are the ways that Loynd Capital Management adds value to clients’ financial lives.

Fee-Only Fiduciary

From day one, I have always worked on a fee-only basis. This eliminates conflicts that arise from commission revenues. Unlike the vast majority of the financial advisory industry, this facilitates recommendations that are only in the client’s best interests.

Formal Training and Professional Experience

With an undergraduate degree in economics, an MBA with an emphasis in finance, and the completion of the three-year Chartered Financial Analyst program, I have amassed nearly a decade of formal training in finance. I have professionally managed investment portfolios over three decades. During that time I have experienced many market circumstances including two significant market crashes. I feel that through training and experience I have amassed the knowledge to offer my clients the best counseling.

Low Total Expense

An integral part of our investment strategy is to minimize expenses. Your total annual investing expenses will be between 1.0% and 1.5%

Access to Best Portfolio Building Blocks

I’m convinced that Dimensional Fund Advisors offer the best and most advanced investment products in the industry. We will use them extensively.

Disciplined Investment Strategy

During trying times much can be lost. Together, we will do better than individually.

Equity Orientation

History has demonstrated that an investor with a long-term disciplined approach holding a well-diversified equity portfolio stands a very good chance of significantly outperforming a fixed income investor. We will discuss this and encourage taking advantage of the “equity premium.”

Application of the Most Advanced Academic/Scientific Studies

Others simply claim that their strategy works. We can scientifically demonstrate that our approach works.

How Can We Help You?

Paul Samuelson“A thousand money managers…expect to do 3% (annually) better than the mob. Hardly ten of one thousand perform in a way that convinces a jury of experts that a long-term edge over indexing is likely.”

Paul Samuelson, Phd.
Recipient of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Economic Science
From: Bogle on Mutual Funds, Forward, p. iv